Standard Operating Procedures

Links to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) related to Ozone and UV Radiation data.

Category SOP Source
Brewer SOPSOP Manual for the Brewer SpectrophotometerEnvironment and Climate Change Canada
Dobson SOPOperations Handbook - Ozone Observations with a Dobson SpectrophotometerGAW Report No. 183
Ozone QA/QCQuality Assurance and Quality Control for Ozonesonde Measurements in GAWGAW Report No. 201
UV Data QualityData Quality Objectives (DQO) for Solar Ultraviolet Radiation Measurements (Part I). Addendum to WMO/GAW Report No. 146 - Quality Assurance in Monitoring Solar Ultraviolet Radiation: State of the ArtGAW Report No. 198
UV InstrumentsInstruments to Measure Solar Ultraviolet Radiation Part 4: Array SpectroradiometersGAW Report No. 191
UV StudyIntercomparison of Global UV Index from Multiband Radiometers: Harmonization of Global UVI and Spectral IrradianceGAW Report No. 190