Data Submission

The WOUDC processes data on a daily basis for near real-time data submissions. Registered contributors can submit data1 to the WOUDC via FTP.

Note (1): files cannot be updated after they are transferred to the WOUDC. To submit updated data files, transfer again using a different file name.

Data Submission Steps2

  1. Data files can be sent individually or packaged into .zip, .tar, or .tar.gz format. See File Formats for more information
  2. Using an FTP client, connect to the WOUDC FTP server
  3. Log in with your pre-assigned username and password
  4. Each contributor transfers their respective files to their individual folder on the FTP site (files cannot be updated after transfer to WOUDC. To submit updated data files, they must be transferred again, using a different file name)
  5. Log out to end the FTP session

Note (2): step details may vary depending on your computer system and FTP software.

It is recommended that data be submitted at least once a month. Please contact us for further information