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WOUDC total ozone master file


WOUDC total ozone master file


The WOUDC total ozone master file provides a consolidated product of daily total
ozone values from the WOUDC archive.


ozone,total ozone,total column ozone,O3,daily,master file

ISO 19115 Topic Category



Data Use Policy


The data is packaged with zip compression and needs to be unzipped in order
to use the file o3tot.dat.

Dataset Description

The o3tot.dat file is ASCII encoded with a fixed field coded format. Each
line represents a daily record. Each daily record is 29 characters long with
the following fixed format:


SSS is the same as the WOUDC Platform ID (position 1-3)
YYYY is year (position 4-7)
MM   is month (position 8-9)
DD   is day (position: 10-11)
HH   is the start hour of the observation - rounded to whole number where required (position 12-13 - may be blank)
GG   is the finish hour of observation (if HH value is given) 
     OR either the representative hour of observation OR number of Observations; rounded to whole number where required (position 14-15)
L    is wavelength pair - typically AD pair for Dobson/Microtops coded 0, coded 8 for Filter instruments and coded 9 for Brewer instruments) (position 16)
S    Observation type - typically Direct Sun (DS) coded 0, typically Focused Moon (FM) coded 1, typically Zenith Cloud (ZS) coded 2 or 4, 
     typically Zenith Blue Sky (ZB) or Focused Sun (FZ) or Global Irradiance (GI) coded 9, ) (position 17)
XXX  is the total column ozone amount in Dobson units (position 18-20)
EEE  is reserved for ozone standard error - presently blank ((position 21-23)   
II   is the instrument type (1=Brewer, 3=Dobson, 4=Japanese Dobson, 9=Filter, 99=Microtops/SAOZ/Hoelper/SpecialO3/Vassey/Unknown/Pion) (position 24-25) 
NNNN is the instrument serial number (Note: Japanese Dobson numbers are 4 digit numbers) (position 26-29)


00719651202  0500283    45706

Station 007, 1965-12-02, Time of observation 05Z on AD pair (0) using DS (0) for 
Japanese Dobson instrument (04) number 5706